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Dead Flag Blues

2012-01-28 22:30:30 by Optimisticperson

Godspeed You! Gordon Freeman for these are the last days.


2011-09-21 19:15:26 by Optimisticperson

What's up?



2011-08-09 11:07:53 by Optimisticperson

My older left for basic training, and wont be back in four months. I have to say, it's different without him here.


2011-06-24 14:01:25 by Optimisticperson

is great. That is all.

Monty Oum

2011-06-19 20:45:51 by Optimisticperson

This guy makes me depressed. He wrote, choreographed (Action and dance scenes), animated and directed. He's a fucking one man army. Some of the videos he did was...


Dead Fantasy

He also now animates for Rooster Teeth. I feel... No, I am inferior to this man.


2011-05-16 22:57:21 by Optimisticperson

This is the one of the two film I was severely confused in. (The other was twelve monkeys) It's just this film took me days to figure out. What is your guys opinion on the most confusing movie?

I need....

2011-05-02 18:44:34 by Optimisticperson

Someone to write for. I need a job.

I think it's gonna be a good movie.

The Trailer

Anyone else have any comments?


2010-07-20 13:07:39 by Optimisticperson

Possibly the best website evermade.